Carrie Underwood demonstrating sit-ups to strengthen your core

The Best fit52 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

A strong core is about more than ripped abs! This core workout can improve your balance, straighten your posture, and...
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Carrie Underwood demonstrating side plank

Low Impact Mini-Workout for Beginners

Want to work up a sweat without straining your joints? Try these fit52 exercises for a gentle low impact workout.
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Carrie Underwood demonstrating lower-body move to tone your legs

These 4 Exercises Are the Secret to Strong, Sculpted Legs

Carrie Underwood's long-time trainer, Eve Overland, selected these fit52 exercises for strong, sculpted legs. Try this 5-minute leg workout!
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Ally flexes in front of a mosaic wall with a big smile

My Path to Wellness: How Ally Kauzlarich Found Her Voice Through Fitness

As a person who stutters, Ally grew up worried that she would never find her voice. Read her inspiring story...
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Get Strong, Sculpted Arms with 4 Simple Exercises

Try this arm mini-workout to build upper-body strength and sculpt your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.
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My Path to Wellness: Rachel Norman’s Path to Healthy and Happy

Rachel's fitness transformation helped her regain strength and confidence. Follow her Instagram dedicated to her fit52 journey!
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Carrie Underwood's trainer, Eve Overland gives us safe, at-home equipment alternatives

Eve’s “12 Days of Christmas” Workout Video

Carrie Underwood's long-time trainer, Eve Overland, made a special Christmas workout to help keep you moving throughout the holiday season!
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Carrie’s “My Gift” Christmas Workout

Stay fit throughout the holiday season with this 30-minute workout named after Carrie Underwood's Christmas album, My Gift!
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TOFURKEY Thanksgiving Workout

In less than 30 mins, this fit52 routine will boost your metabolism to burn calories and fat—the perfect Thanksgiving workout!
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My Path to Wellness: Nicole McComic on Running to Recover from Grief

How can you recover from the loss of a loved one? Nicole shares how she uses exercise as her medicine...
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